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Soul Retrieval for Animals

Just as soul retrieval can profoundly help people who have had soul loss, so too can it help animals. Soul loss in animals, as in humans, is a survival mechanism to allow the animal to live though a very painful situation, resulting in a lower level of soul energy.

Animals can have soul loss as a result of:

-- Losing a beloved owner or caregiver

-- Abuse

-- Abandonment

-- Too early removal from its mother

-- Traumatic injury

-- Surgery with general anesthesia

Symptoms of soul loss in an animal can show up as:

-- Depression

-- Loss or lessening of joy and play

-- Withdrawal

-- Fear

Animals respond very well to soul retrievals, even remote sessions. The change can show as quickly as immediately or it can take up to two weeks. I have worked with animals that could not be adopted out due to depression, withdrawal, or fear. After the soul retrieval, the animal becomes happier, more social and less fearful. It's always fun for me to work with animals because animals don't replay emotional trauma in their heads like humans can, so they respond easily and quickly to shamanic work.

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